5 easy tips for hassle-free natural hair styling


Almost every natural wants a hassle-free natural hair styling routine sometime or the other regardless of expertise.

So if you haven’t got time or you’re just not in the mood for endless hours of wash day routine down to styling, these tips should help you manage your time as well as your mind and still achieve amazing results.

Use your holy grail products

Holy grail to the rescue.  If you have been styling your hair for some time and know just  what products work for your kinky hair then use them.  We are also talking products that work well together without causing flaking and other annoying situations.  You definitely haven’t got that time to spend hours on styling and have to restyle if things don’t turn out well.

It’s always better to stick with the products you’ve come to love, that leave your hair really moisturized and give the perfect shape to your styles.

Trying new products when the last thing you want is to be bothered by styling will only frustrate you if they products don’t  work out for your hair type or style you choose.

Plan ahead of time what your want

Decide before you begin just what style you are going for and how you are going to achieve it. Avoid experimenting with styles. Don’t start the process only to get tired along the way and you are several miles from your desired goal.

Try simpler styles or modify slightly the ones you’ve been doing

Exploring uncharted territory isn’t going to cut it now so tread slowly.  Do you have ago to style? Everyone ought to so if you do, use it.

There might be a style you’ve been craving to do but if you haven’t the time or the mind  for it, you may never want to do it again if it is a fail.

There ares so many hassle-free styles you can do. Try buns, updos on old stretched hair styles, braids, puffs, pony tails (bunny tails). An afro is easy to achieve simply on washed, deep conditioned and well moisturized hair or  or a classic low bun.

Simplify things so you have adequate time to spend with your loved ones or pick up your kid from school.

Prepare your hair the night before

You can start the process the night before. Try shampooing and deep conditioning the night before.  If you want to wake up to damp moisturized hair then try the baggy method of applying your leave in conditioner, sealing  in the moisture and then  of simply wearing a conditioning cap on your head overnight.  Tie a scarf around and off to bed you go.

Wake up to damp, moisturized hair the next morning and style away.

Do the style that you can do

Attempt a style you are familiar with.  One you’ve done before and achieved good  results.  No matter how simple it is.  It is better to get a simple style right than one that nobody gets especially if that was not your intention.  You don’t want to be explaining to everybody what really went down.

Do the style that you are comfortable doing even in your sleep and you wont be under undue pressure.  Leave your dream style for another period in your life.


Accessories are ideal for covering up the fact that you’re too busy or too exhausted to commit hours to styling.

A headband or head wrap can give you the same appeal that a gorgeously done twist out or flexi rods set would. Probably a more sophisticated look.

Pull your old wash and go or twist out into an updo and secure  with visibly coloured bobby pins and you are good to go.

This isn’t your bad hair day routine, but you know you haven’t got the time and you want to nail the look.

Make use of your favourite edgessmoothener then place your hair band just a few inches away from your hairline, or simply use an interesting hair grip with chic detail to help you liven up a ponytail.

Schedule an appointment with your stylist

Simply call up your stylist and find out if she is available to style your hair.  If you have a stylist that know how to take care of your hair with minimal supervision then call her up and take the stress off your mind and body.


So how do you style your hair when you can’t be bothered with all the stress? What is your go to style for days like this?


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Alorye Ugar
CEO/Editor-in-Chief at Vivacious Media Limited
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