5 Reasons Your Twist Out is a Mess

The twist out – a simple, staple hairstyle every natural has tried at least once in her lifetime. For some it took months or even years for you to master the art of achieving the perfect twist out. For others, like a stroke of genius, you got it perfect the first time you tried it.

Unfortunately for too many, you still haven’t gotten it right. You are frustrated because every time you try, your twist out results in a fail. Here are a few things you may have done wrongly and need to revisit in order to get your best twist out ever.

  1. You did not moisturize

You should never attempt to style you hair at all unless it is properly moisturized. A dry hair is more prone to breakage especially when it will be manipulated for any style. Moisturized hair is more flexible.  For a twist out, it can be as simple as spraying your hair with water then adding a water based moisturizer and then sealing with your favourite hair oil or butter. This allows you twists to set better for a more defined curl pattern.

  1. You did not detangle

You need to ensure that every section of hair that is properly detangled before you put it into a twist. If your hair is in a detangled state when twisted, the twisted section will not clump together very well. As a result, when you pull out those twists, your twist out will look like a frizzy mess.

So before twisting each section, grab your favourite wide tooth comb or your fingers and a Denman brush and detangle. Start from the ends of your hair and gently comb through each section of hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. Follow up with the Denman brush using the same procedure to smooth out your hair some more. Once each section is fully detangled, you can begin twisting.

  1. You borrowed hair

To twist your hair, you simply split a section in half and then rope one half over the other and then vice versa until the section is fully twisted. When you borrow hair it means that every time you rope one half of a section over another, you take some hair from the other half to add to the one you are currently pulling over. And you continue this throughout to the end. Whether you do it only once per section or for the entire section the result is still the same. When you are ready to pull out your twist out, you will realize that you hair is all tangle up on itself; It becomes harder to pull out; and once you get it out it will look like a frizzy mess.

When you are twisting each section, don’t borrow hair from one half to add to the other. Split the section in two at the root and continue to twist those two halve over each other until your twist is done. This way each half will be neatly laid over the other for your twist to set. Your hair will be easier to pull out and each clump of hair will neat and well defined.

  1. You did not detail the ends

You’ve managed to detangle before twisting each section. You did not borrow any hair while twisting. But there is one very important part of the hair that many tend to ignore. You can have the perfect twist out from the roots of your hair all the way down but your ends look like a wild wind storm just blew through your head. The fact is messy ends can ruin the entire hairstyle.  You may need to consider these details and apply them to your ends to make your twist out rock from root to ends.

o   You may need a trim. If your ends are uneven, broken or just plain old end need to go, it will show in your twist out. Give your ends a light trim to freshen up any style. Your twist out will appear neater and fuller.

o   Don’t twists all the way to the end of your hair. If you do, your ends will be tight and as a result much harder to pull out and this can cause some frizz. When you do your twist, stop about half inch from the ends and twirl that part taunt around your fingers instead of twisting all the way to the last strand. This makes it easier to find the end to pull out and your ends will clump together nicely.

o   Do mini chiney bumps. This literally saves my twist outs every single time.  You don’t have to do this but if you do your twist out will come out so much cuter. Here’s what you do. After you’ve twirled your ends around your fingers. Hold off a section about 2 inches up that section of hair and create a mini chiney bump at the end. When your hair is dry, you will get superb definition and your ends will look extra curly.

  1. Your hair did not dry

You’re done prepping and twisting and it’s now time to let the hair set in place. Because you added moisture at the beginning, you need to ensure that you hair is fully dry before pulling out the twists. If your hair is not fully dry and you pull out those twists, two very unpleasant things will happen in minutes – 1. Your hair will puff up like a ball 2. You hair will quickly frizz out. You will end up with a mop-looking, frizzy afro puff instead of a well defined twist out.

To ensure that your hair is fully dried, do your twists from the night before and let it air dry as long as possible before you slip on your satin bonnet for bed. If you can’t wait that long to get you style finished, you can use a hair dryer to dry your hair in minutes. Ensure that the hair dryer is on the coolest setting or use a diffuser to diffuse the heat.

If you’ve been having bad results when you attempt a twist out, try one or as any of these simple techniques. I guarantee you will see great improvements.

Let’s know how your twist outs have been?


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