If truth will be told, the decision to go natural and remain so could be a struggle.

Many current naturals like to say otherwise but my candid discussion with friends and women I come across in the real world seems to inform the understanding that the whole natural hair affair comes with some bit of challenges.

At the time I went natural, there weren’t many naturals then talk less of information geared towards natural hair but after being natural for quite some time, I have had my own share of fun, set-backs and recovery.

Those and the experiences of other naturals are some of the things I will be sharing on One Naija Girl.

I’ve found currently that many naturals struggle most especially with dryness, tangles, growth retention and generally how to properly maintain and care for our natural tresses seeing that we had been taking care of another race’s hair texture.

Although there are lots of natural hair blogs, youtube videos and worskhops, the struggle is real and these information can be somethimes overwhelming.

The main objective of this blog is to find realistic hair care solutions broken down to meet various lifestyles and budget.

We anticipate and answer most of the budding questions on the minds of newly naturals as well as naturals hoping to take their hair care to the next level.

We are consistently researching the most simplistic but effective regimen that every natural can follow and trust me it is working.

Most women are extremely busy and leave very hectic lives especially in a country like Nigeria (I believe everywhere else too) and so require a regimen that is simple, time saving but effective. Trust me, that can be achieved. It only takes consistency.

I believe that a regimen or hair care generally should not take you away from family, friends, work or a lifestyle you love. A simple one shouldn’t, only a bogus one might.

Please follow us as  we continue to search, discover and present all the goodies that come with being natural. Even your natural kids are not left out.

It is indeed a wonderful experience for me to be natural and I pray you experience that too.

Understanding you hair’s porosity level is one of the best gift you can give your natural tresses because then you will be on the search for the best products that work for your own hair as well as learn the best way to apply them for maximum benefits.

If you are a new natural or still contemplating  “getting started articles” should give you a few insights to what being natural is all about and simple steps you can start taking to ensure a hitch free journey to natural hair beauty.

Please feel free to send comments, questions or feedback. We will respond to them and keep you in the loop so you don’t give up until you have attained your natural hair goals.

Please let us know how the posts have helped you or what you have know and believe we all (blog admin and other readers) can learn from. Leave your comments below each blog article.

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