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9 Natural Hair Products You Didn’t Know You Had


Did you know that you didn’t have to always buy products for your natural hair? There is a host of natural household products that you might already have in your kitchen or around your home that that can be used on your natural hair. There is absolutely no need for you to run out and get a new product every time you think of something you need to do to your hair. You will save yourself a lot of time, effort and money by simply looking in your kitchen to see if you can find any of the products listed below.    1.  Avocado/pear Avocado is widely known for its conditioning and...[Read more]

Should You Shampoo or No-poo your natural hair?

girl with shampooed natural hair

What does shampooing do? Shampooing the hair removes all sorts of buildup from your hair and scalp that would otherwise prevent your hair from being nourished to good health.  Buildup accumulates on the hair scalp and strands as a result of products that you put in it, dust particles from the environment and your own hair’s natural oil called sebum. When there is buildup on your hair strands, it creates a barrier and makes it difficult for water or any other product to be absorbed into the hair to moisturize and nourish it.   As a result, your hair strands are more prone to breakage. The...[Read more]

3 Easy Tips to Grow and Maintain your natural hair length


F or years you have treated your hair the same way and expect to get better results. You wash it once in a blue moon, you sleep on it bare, you hate to trim so you don’t lose the length you’ve achieved or you barely spend the time to give your hair some tender loving care. So when you’re made to believe that our hair cannot grow past a certain length, you believe it. It seems so true but all you’ve done is manipulate your hair into stuntedness. So to make them liars you extend it with braids or you add a wig or you even process it. The real truth is that many naturals have...[Read more]

How to Soften Your Hard Shea Butter


You can appreciate the value of having shea butter as part of your natural hair regimen but never the hassle of getting it from rock hard to soft every single time you need to use it. You don’t want to fight to dig out a dollop from the container each time. You smirk over the thought of rubbing it between your palms waiting patiently for it to soften just enough for you rub it into your hair without leaving clumps and residue. Once you are done with one section, you do it all over again for another section. Sigh!   But what if there was a way to soften your shea butter once and done! You...[Read more]

5 Reasons Your Twist Out is a Mess


The twist out – a simple, staple hairstyle every natural has tried at least once in her lifetime. For some it took months or even years for you to master the art of achieving the perfect twist out. For others, like a stroke of genius, you got it perfect the first time you tried it. Unfortunately for too many, you still haven’t gotten it right. You are frustrated because every time you try, your twist out results in a fail. Here are a few things you may have done wrongly and need to revisit in order to get your best twist out ever. You did not moisturize You should never attempt to...[Read more]

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