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Why Water is a natural girl’s best friend forever


              When you first go natural, water becomes your BFF. Water and natural hair share a bond that can never be destroyed. Forget whatever negativity you’ve been handed down about water  in the distant past, it our best friend, period. This is why: Water cleanses, moisturizes, hydrates and softens natural hair making it easier to detangle, style or do a lot of things with your hair. Water is to natural hair what food is to the body. You may not eat all the time, but your body needs to occasionally take up some good dose of food to...[Read more]

Rachel’s Natural Hair Journey-Natural is who we are.


  Tell us a bit about yourself My name is Rachel Okoegwale.  I am from Edo state, Nigeria.  I am a wife, mum and Enterpreneur.  An  Accountant turned Professional Baker and have been running my own Cake outfit for 8 years now (  And of course I am a NATURALISTA.   Why and how did you go natural (Big Chop, Transition)? My hair is just about 18month post BC.  It’s quite a funny story.  I had been planning to go on natural dreadlocs but oneeday I ran into a woman in a store with baby locs and it was just scanty and unkept and I was just put off. Then...[Read more]

7 Rules to enjoying your natural hair journey

natural hair journey rules

So natural hair is now being accepted by Nigerians as something we all can rock (yeah) but truth is it does come with a bit of challenge. Not every natural thinks so but circumstances differ. This Natural Hair Journey has challenges that arise from how to style, buy the right products to generally just how to manage your delicate strands. This can often leave some ladies with the feeling of “this natural hair is wahala” (dismay). Maybe you just did a big chop or still transitioning and now others are flaunting their bra strap, waist length hair (especially those of us that were...[Read more]

Jungo (A DIY Class) By Lumo Naturals and friends


Hi ladies, a DIY and Natural Hair Styling all in one event. The friendship This diy event is a merger between Lumo Natural, NatMane and CocoTerra. The origin Lumo being a big advocate of DIY and with a lot of diy lines which she has produced  often wonderes how she can share the little (she call it that but trust me it isn’t) knowledge she has about hair care.  That was the birth of  Jungo. Jungo is said to mean hands in Fulfulde.  This  a language found among the Pulaar of Senegal, Pular of Guinea, the Maasina people, the Fulani of Nigeria, and the the Adamawa highlands...[Read more]

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Hair Care – Seminar/Workshop


Natural Hair Care and Styling Workshop. Hands on Training and Seminar. Turn short, dry, breaking, damages and thinning hair into loveable, soft, long and strong hair. Objectives How to go from relaxed to natural hair without cutting your hair Find the best products for your hair type How to keep your hair hydrated for growth What your stylist must never do to your hair How to grow your kids’ hair healthy and long How to cleanse, comb and style your kids’ hair How to properly moisturize your hair and keep it so Get back your thinning and broken hair line Grow 6 – 10 inches of...[Read more]

Senegalese Kinky Twists, Wash and Deep Condition Routine

Rachel Okoegwale

By Rachel Okoegwale Senegalese Kinky twists are my go to protective styles because of the natural looking effect I get when I wear them while protecting my delicate strands. I maintain them by washing them every three weeks to keep my hair’s health level on point. Now, when washing braids or kinky twists I really advice using a mixture that smells nice because whether you like it or not the kinky hair will retain some of the fragrance of whatever product you use and let’s not even talk about particles of your DIY mixture uuhhhhh !!! I personally do not recommend DIYs when deep...[Read more]

How I achieve my high puff

High puff on natural hair

Hi. My name is Koco Aye and this is how I achieve my high puff. Wash, Condition and Seal  First I wash and deep condition my hair then I part hair into four sections and apply my leave – in conditioner, oil and shea butter. Then I whip out my big tooth comb and get down to business (sorry, I’m not sold on the finger combing thingy yet…this hair is too thick for my fingers to tame). African Threading for Stretching Once I’m done combing I get my thread, (you can use hair thread, sewing or weaving thread) cut out the length of thread I need and start working my magic....[Read more]

A sample carefully planned out natural hair regimen


Most new naturals hear about planning a natural hair regimen and wonder what exactly they have to do.  Some others who have been natural for a while still have a problem with their regimen and find that they are not achieving the results they anticipated. The truth is that a carefully planned out regimen is one of the most important aspect of growing out long and healthy natural hair.  A good regimen basically spells out your goals and how you intend to achieve them. It also boils down to the regimen proper as well as the consistency of use. This carefully planned out natural hair regimen...[Read more]

I embrace my shrinkage, no fighting in my world

natural koko aye

Tell us a bit about yourself Hola!!! My name is Koco Aye and I am an Efik girl. I live in Warri, Delta state with my husband and beautiful daughter, Oku. Why and how did you go natural (Big Chop, Transition)? I big chopped in 2012 because I needed to tackle some issues with my scalp and since then I have cut my hair like 5 or 7 more times. I noticed quite a number of my cousins had gone natural too and they really seemed to be loving it. So I finally decided to really give my natural hair a chance close to end of 2013. How would you describe your (fine or coarse, thin or thick, highly...[Read more]

When you just become natural


How you become natural It’s not how you become natural that is most important but your disposition to everything about your natural hair.  That is what will determine how far you go. Do you really what it to be healthy and grow?  Are you willing to put in the effort to learn how to take care of your natural tresses considering that the texture is totally different from your relaxed hair? Are you also willing to change the way you’ve been doing things?  It is a different ball game when you become natural. Better still, healthy hair conscious. When you first go natural When you...[Read more]


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