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How to dry finger detangle natural hair


T here is simply no way out of this process except you wear your hair pressed all the time.  Wearing your hair in stretched styles does help to reduces tangles that come from the wear and tear and interaction of daily activities with our textured tresses, however knowing how to properly detangle your hair can be a life saver (believe me, it could be the difference between bliss and a nervous breakdown). Keeping hair adequately moisturized between washes also cuts down on the detangling time because hair that is moistrised easily separates. Although there are several ways of detangling the...[Read more]

How to Soften Your Hard Shea Butter


You can appreciate the value of having shea butter as part of your natural hair regimen but never the hassle of getting it from rock hard to soft every single time you need to use it. You don’t want to fight to dig out a dollop from the container each time. You smirk over the thought of rubbing it between your palms waiting patiently for it to soften just enough for you rub it into your hair without leaving clumps and residue. Once you are done with one section, you do it all over again for another section. Sigh!   But what if there was a way to soften your shea butter once and done! You...[Read more]

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