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7 Rules to enjoying your natural hair journey

natural hair journey rules

So natural hair is now being accepted by Nigerians as something we all can rock (yeah) but truth is it does come with a bit of challenge. Not every natural thinks so but circumstances differ. This Natural Hair Journey has challenges that arise from how to style, buy the right products to generally just how to manage your delicate strands. This can often leave some ladies with the feeling of “this natural hair is wahala” (dismay). Maybe you just did a big chop or still transitioning and now others are flaunting their bra strap, waist length hair (especially those of us that were...[Read more]

When you just become natural


How you become natural It’s not how you become natural that is most important but your disposition to everything about your natural hair.  That is what will determine how far you go. Do you really what it to be healthy and grow?  Are you willing to put in the effort to learn how to take care of your natural tresses considering that the texture is totally different from your relaxed hair? Are you also willing to change the way you’ve been doing things?  It is a different ball game when you become natural. Better still, healthy hair conscious. When you first go natural When you...[Read more]

Nigerian Hair Stylists! Protect your natural hair from damage

girl with wash and go

O ur Nigerian Hair Stylists have been receiving a bad rap recently and that’s not surprising. It was about time though because some of us have been ranting about this since our relaxed hair days. With more women in Nigeria embracing their natural hair and becoming a lot more conscious of what is required to grow long and healthy natural hair the need to nip this menace in the root, bud, stem or whatever extent on the tree it exists has become mandatory. The truth is that this isn’t supposed to be news because from time immemorial most Nigerian hair stylists have done nothing...[Read more]

5 absolutely important hair care facts about natural African hair

Lady with teeny weeny afro

In order to maintain your natural African hair, there are some important facts to know.  Its no use spending a fortune on hair products if you end of using the wrong products or apply them incorrectly.  Read the list below and use it to learn more about your hair. 1. Black hair is extremely fragile Contrary to popular belief (you will be surprised how many people still don’t know) our natural hair is very fragile and so gentle treatment is required to avoid unnecessary breakage and hair loss. Therefore, always use a wide tooth comb or pick when combing the hair.  Better still, your...[Read more]

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