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Senegalese Kinky Twists, Wash and Deep Condition Routine

Rachel Okoegwale

By Rachel Okoegwale Senegalese Kinky twists are my go to protective styles because of the natural looking effect I get when I wear them while protecting my delicate strands. I maintain them by washing them every three weeks to keep my hair’s health level on point. Now, when washing braids or kinky twists I really advice using a mixture that smells nice because whether you like it or not the kinky hair will retain some of the fragrance of whatever product you use and let’s not even talk about particles of your DIY mixture uuhhhhh !!! I personally do not recommend DIYs when deep...[Read more]

A sample carefully planned out natural hair regimen


Most new naturals hear about planning a natural hair regimen and wonder what exactly they have to do.  Some others who have been natural for a while still have a problem with their regimen and find that they are not achieving the results they anticipated. The truth is that a carefully planned out regimen is one of the most important aspect of growing out long and healthy natural hair.  A good regimen basically spells out your goals and how you intend to achieve them. It also boils down to the regimen proper as well as the consistency of use. This carefully planned out natural hair regimen...[Read more]

Sample natural hair regimen guide


When you just start out with natural hair you definitely need a natural hair regimen to bring those long and healthy hair goals of yours to life. Even if you’ve been natural for a while and not seeing the results you desire, then you may need to assess your regimen or build one if you never had any in the first place. This is a sample natural hair regimen guide just in case you don’t know where to start and it focuses mainly on a wash routine for your natural hair.  This other carefully planned out regimen guide will give you a more detailed process that includes styling,...[Read more]

Ultimate list of products to build a healthy natural hair regimen


A healthy natural hair regimen is required to grow your hair healthy and long if length is your goal.  a healthy hair regimen works with goeals you wish to achieve regarding your hair. A regimen won’t work without certain  products and tools to be achieved. You may not have or need all the items mentioned on this list but you can always refer to it when building your regimen. Prepooing Home made mixes Oils Conditioners Cleansing Shampoos (Moisturizing, Conditioning, Deep Cleansing/Clarifying, Hydrating) Clarifying Rinses Mud washes Cowashes Conditioning Conditioners...[Read more]

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