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Shrinkage prone high messy bun tutorial

Shrinkage Prone High Messy Bun

A lmost every natural want’s a simple go to style that they can do in minutes and be out of the door in no time. We all get that but now you’re thinking messy bun, but wait, your hair shrinks greatly so you can’t wait for it to grow long enough to do a high messy bun. Alas! There is a way out.  You don’t have to wait too long to tempt them with your top messy bun. CaribBeauty tutorial will show you how to work with your beautiful shrinkage prone hair to create a high messy bun that doesn’t look shrunk. And she did it in about a minute. Zoe’s technique...[Read more]

So Chic Natural Hair Tapered Cuts

If you are looking for some style inspiration or you want a look that really tells that you’ve done something new with your hair then the natural hair tapered cuts should do. It’s a style that will enable you enjoy your twa and your mid-length stage doesn’t have to be awkward anymore. It is edgy, funky and indeed stylish.  There are so many style options for this cut, you will be amazed.  From spotting a tapered twa to twists outs, finger coils, colors the options are limitless. You can experiment with coloring at this stage since your hair is short and ends trimmed...[Read more]

5 easy tips for hassle-free natural hair styling


Almost every natural wants a hassle-free natural hair styling routine sometime or the other regardless of expertise. So if you haven’t got time or you’re just not in the mood for endless hours of wash day routine down to styling, these tips should help you manage your time as well as your mind and still achieve amazing results. Use your holy grail products Holy grail to the rescue.  If you have been styling your hair for some time and know just  what products work for your kinky hair then use them.  We are also talking products that work well together without causing flaking...[Read more]

5 Reasons Your Twist Out is a Mess


The twist out – a simple, staple hairstyle every natural has tried at least once in her lifetime. For some it took months or even years for you to master the art of achieving the perfect twist out. For others, like a stroke of genius, you got it perfect the first time you tried it. Unfortunately for too many, you still haven’t gotten it right. You are frustrated because every time you try, your twist out results in a fail. Here are a few things you may have done wrongly and need to revisit in order to get your best twist out ever. You did not moisturize You should never attempt to...[Read more]

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