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How I achieve my high puff

High puff on natural hair

Hi. My name is Koco Aye and this is how I achieve my high puff. Wash, Condition and Seal  First I wash and deep condition my hair then I part hair into four sections and apply my leave – in conditioner, oil and shea butter. Then I whip out my big tooth comb and get down to business (sorry, I’m not sold on the finger combing thingy yet…this hair is too thick for my fingers to tame). African Threading for Stretching Once I’m done combing I get my thread, (you can use hair thread, sewing or weaving thread) cut out the length of thread I need and start working my magic....[Read more]

Accessorize with turbans and head wraps 10 different ways


There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try this sometime.  Turbans and head wraps are so chic, they give you instant style. Although they have been around like forever they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Head wraps, turban, scarf tying is our culture. With so many options of turbans and head wraps ranging from pattern, colour and sizes you can dress up an absolutely simple outfit and move to fabulosity in minutes. You can protect your in the process hair, and this could become your signature or go to style for use when you are having a bad hair day. (Truth be...[Read more]

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