So Chic Natural Hair Tapered Cuts

If you are looking for some style inspiration or you want a look that really tells that you’ve done something new with your hair then the natural hair tapered cuts should do.

It’s a style that will enable you enjoy your twa and your mid-length stage doesn’t have to be awkward anymore.

It is edgy, funky and indeed stylish.  There are so many style options for this cut, you will be amazed.  From spotting a tapered twa to twists outs, finger coils, colors the options are limitless.

You can experiment with coloring at this stage since your hair is short and ends trimmed regularly to maintain the cut.




It can’t get more edgy than this.  This is just an awesome way to wear a teeny weeny afro.




Add some colour and you are the bomb. Pop into the bathroom, out and off you go with minimal styling.




A really creative and sassy way to wear your hair like this is to add an obvious colour to it.


A twist out tapered cut is really cute and easy to achieve. Your twist outs come out great and I think it will be easy to handle the bed head at the back by daily moisturizing and finger styling the coils at the back end.

If I decide to big chop anytime in the future I definitely will be doing it without fear because I sure will spot one of these tapered cuts.

What about you?  Would you spot a tapered cut?


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Alorye Ugar
CEO/Editor-in-Chief at Vivacious Media Limited
Alorye is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of One Naija Girl. She is passionate about Nigerian women embracing their natural hair and understanding how to take care of it.
She is an Accounting graduate from the University of Calabar, a Fashion designer and CEO of Vivacious Media Limited, Abuja, Nigeria.

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