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here is simply no way out of this process except you wear your hair pressed all the time.  Wearing your hair in stretched styles does help to reduces tangles that come from the wear and tear and interaction of daily activities with our textured tresses, however knowing how to properly detangle your hair can be a life saver (believe me, it could be the difference between bliss and a nervous breakdown).

Keeping hair adequately moisturized between washes also cuts down on the detangling time because hair that is moistrised easily separates.

Although there are several ways of detangling the method of choice of will depend largely on the texture and state of your hair at the time.  Is your hair coarse of fine? Light or dense? Dry or recently moisturized?

If you do not want to spend a long time and your hair has been recently moisturized then you can do dry detangling.  Although you can condioner detangle but the dry method is especially great if you don’t have too many tangles, especially if you’re just taking down stretched styles and hair is not too dry.

Natural hair is usually more elasticated when wet or damp but also fragile for some with finer strands and so dry finger detangling can be a reliable option.

There are variety of methods used to finger detangle but this method I will share below is simple and can work if your hair isnt terribly tangled.


1.  Section hair

Part hair into easy to manage sections or simply work in little sections.  I usually dry finger detangle after a stretched style and so I just grab about a two inch section or less of my hair and detangle.  Also, detangling from a wash and go or twist out means that you can simply grab the curls as they had set and detangle.


2.  Apply oil to sections

You can choose to apply your oil or oil mixture to sections as you go or apply the oil to the entire hair and then apply more as needed when you proceed to detangle.  I have found that it works better for me when I pre-apply oil especially a mixture of shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil to my hair and then re-apply as required when I start the actually detangling process.  Let you hair need speak to you as you work on it.  The oil should be enough to prevent friction thereby protecting your strands as you work and making it easy to remove tangles, snarls and shed hair.


3.  Gently separate strands with fingers

Starting mostly from ends start gently seperating the strands with your fingers moving towards the scalp as you go.

Some natural say they start from their scalp and move downwards.  A lot will depend on your problem areas.  What part of your hair tangles the most.  Do you have serious matting at the scalp area.

If that is the case, you may want to start from the root.  Either, ensure that the ends are seperated when trying to fully pull the strands apart.  Look for shed hair as you work through the hair to prevent further tangles also stopping to gently separate strands that are knotted.

When you encounter a major knot, apply more of your oil mixture and give it a little time to see if you can easily remove the strands starting one strand at a time while holding the rest of the knotted strands with your other fingers.  When knot is too tight, do not forcefully pull apart.  Remove as many hair strands as possible then cut of the really knotted hair strands with a pair of sharp hair cutting shears.


4.  Twist or braid detangled sections

As soon as you through detangling a section, make that a sizable section, you can either twist or braid it out of the way preparing it for your wash session.  This will ensure that the detaingled section does not become tangled afterwards also making your wash session easier to handle.

Dry finger detangling when done properly reduces breakages and forceful shedding of hair.  It is most convenient for ladies (like me) with shrinkage prone and easily tangled hair.

There you are with the option to dry finger detangle your natural tresses.


What do you think?

Tell us in the comments if this is something you would do.  How do you dry finger detangle or what methods do you use to detangle your natural hair?



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