How I achieve my high puff

High puff on natural hair

Hi. My name is Koco Aye and this is how I achieve my high puff.

Wash, Condition and Seal 

First I wash and deep condition my hair then I part hair into four sections and apply my leave – in conditioner, oil and shea butter. Then I whip out my big tooth comb and get down to business (sorry, I’m not sold on the finger combing thingy yet…this hair is too thick for my fingers to tame).

African Threading for Stretching

Once I’m done combing I get my thread, (you can use hair thread, sewing or weaving thread) cut out the length of thread I need and start working my magic. #Africanthreading.

 Remember, I already have my hair in 4 sections so I work my way through each section at a time. Each section will be threaded into 4 new parts. The parts don’t have to be even. End result, 16 threaded parts.

My creativity kicks in

I usually leave it like this for about 2-3 days and during the wait period I get creative with my scarves when I need to go out.


Now here comes the big puff day. All I do is unravel the threaded hair, run my big comb through each unraveled part to loosen it up. Get my trusty panty hose cutout and gently pull hair into a nice puff.

 I like, no, Loooove my panty hose cutout because it gives me the freedom to choose how tight or how loose I want the puff to be.

 And there you have it. Easy breezy lemon squeezy.



If you still have any questions about this tutorial or any other tutorials you need help with, please do not hesitate to leave your comments in the comments section below. How do you achieve your high puff?



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Alorye Ugar
CEO/Editor-in-Chief at Vivacious Media Limited
Alorye is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of One Naija Girl. She is passionate about Nigerian women embracing their natural hair and understanding how to take care of it.
She is an Accounting graduate from the University of Calabar, a Fashion designer and CEO of Vivacious Media Limited, Abuja, Nigeria.


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  1. Adanma says:

    Nice article! I’ve learnt a lot. Will try this out!

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