Jungo (A DIY Class) By Lumo Naturals and friends

Hi ladies, a DIY and Natural Hair Styling all in one event.

The friendship

This diy event is a merger between Lumo Natural, NatMane and CocoTerra.

The origin

Lumo being a big advocate of DIY and with a lot of diy lines which she has produced  often wonderes how she can share the little (she call it that but trust me it isn’t) knowledge she has about hair care.
 That was the birth of  Jungo.
Jungo is said to mean hands in Fulfulde.  This  a language found among the Pulaar of Senegal, Pular of Guinea, the Maasina people, the Fulani of Nigeria, and the the Adamawa highlands in Cameroon. I intend to schedule an interview date with Lumo Naturals to get more insight on the choice of name for this event.


The series will run quarterly and their focus will be on teaching various crafts that will make life easier for the average Nigerian woman. They also hope to take this campaign to schools, communities and even the IDP camps. So you get the picture, right?
This edition will focus on hair and skin. It is usually a very big hassle for a lot of women to protect these two during harmattan is a big hassle for a lot of women, hence the need for the class.
Each tutor will have 25minutes to run through two projects she will be teaching the class. Based on the numbers we end up with, the class will be divided into two small groups to make learning more interactive. We will then have 30minutes of a general Q&A session.
The class will come to a close with vendors/tutors selling these DIY tools/materials and a good old networking tea time.

Tools and Kit

A class of not more than 30 students is the prodjection for this event and the registration fee entitles you to a free Lumo DIY kit which contains all the tools you will need for the class, tea time, and 30% voucher to purchase any products of your choice from the Lumo Naturals stand. How cool is that?


However, they have offered to give two of my readers a chance to pay at the early bird fee of N5000 and all you need to do is to leave a comment below and the winners will be selected.
This is a really good event to attend cos it will save you cost and bad hair days in the future. See the flyer for all the details.
So what are you going to do? Will you be attending. Don’t forget to comment and win.

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