When you just become natural


How you become natural

It’s not how you become natural that is most important but your disposition to everything about your natural hair.  That is what will determine how far you go.

Do you really what it to be healthy and grow?  Are you willing to put in the effort to learn how to take care of your natural tresses considering that the texture is totally different from your relaxed hair?

Are you also willing to change the way you’ve been doing things?  It is a different ball game when you become natural. Better still, healthy hair conscious.

When you first go natural

When you first go natural there is a tendency to question if all the activities involved is necessary.  When I first went natural, luckily for me I didn’t know what to expect or look out for.  There really wasn’t a yardstick to be measured by.  Most naturals at the time were recent naturals so there weren’t pictures and pictures of girls with long waist length hair. So no pressure for me.

For you, the pressure might be there because you’ve seen these images and so you’re probably wondering when your hair will ever get that long but look on the bright side, now you’ve got so many experiences to learn from so you may never need to go through some of the hurdles we went through when we first went natural.

You feel like it should grow overnight or you can’t wait for the people around you to get what you mean, to understand why you had to cut off several inches of long flowing relaxed hair (that is if you big chopped long and probably healthy relaxed hair).

I understand that bit perfectly because I big chopped almost waist length relaxed hair that wasn’t breaking or anything like that.

What must you do?

Just relax, everything will happen with time.  Do not allow naysayers determine your pace and actions.  Only let nature and proper care steer you in the right direction.

One more thing, expect to be perceived as being obsessive, or appear like a product junkie.  You will definitely require a certain amount of obsession to get long and/or healthy hair.  Obsession in the sense of deliberate and continuous actions, continuous learning and practice, buying and trying different products, becoming a product junkie even if you don’t intend to (You might be lucky to find your holy grail products on time) but in the end, you will come to your own knowing what works for you and what doesn’t.

More things you must do

Going natural is not going to automatically help your hair get longer.  You ought to start your journey with a healthy mindset.  Know that all hair is good hair, with no one’s hair being better than another.  Find the products that will help you manage your own unique hair type.

Welcome to the journey.

Have you recently become natural?  How has the journey been so far?



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Alorye Ugar
CEO/Editor-in-Chief at Vivacious Media Limited
Alorye is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of One Naija Girl. She is passionate about Nigerian women embracing their natural hair and understanding how to take care of it.
She is an Accounting graduate from the University of Calabar, a Fashion designer and CEO of Vivacious Media Limited, Abuja, Nigeria.

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