Shrinkage prone high messy bun tutorial

A lmost every natural want’s a simple go to style that they can do in minutes and be out of the door in no time. We all get that but now you’re thinking messy bun, but wait, your hair shrinks greatly so you can’t wait for it to grow long enough to do a high messy bun.

Alas! There is a way out.  You don’t have to wait too long to tempt them with your top messy bun.

CaribBeauty tutorial will show you how to work with your beautiful shrinkage prone hair to create a high messy bun that doesn’t look shrunk.

And she did it in about a minute.

Zoe’s technique will definitely work for and not against your shrinkage.  So you don’t have to ever worry about shrinkage the next time you decide you want to do a high messy  bun.

So, what do you think?  Do you have a similar technique?  What’s been working for you? Please share in the comments.


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Alorye Ugar
CEO/Editor-in-Chief at Vivacious Media Limited
Alorye is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of One Naija Girl. She is passionate about Nigerian women embracing their natural hair and understanding how to take care of it.
She is an Accounting graduate from the University of Calabar, a Fashion designer and CEO of Vivacious Media Limited, Abuja, Nigeria.

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