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Jungo (A DIY Class) By Lumo Naturals and friends


Hi ladies, a DIY and Natural Hair Styling all in one event. The friendship This diy event is a merger between Lumo Natural, NatMane and CocoTerra. The origin Lumo being a big advocate of DIY and with a lot of diy lines which she has produced  often wonderes how she can share the little (she call it that but trust me it isn’t) knowledge she has about hair care.  That was the birth of  Jungo. Jungo is said to mean hands in Fulfulde.  This  a language found among the Pulaar of Senegal, Pular of Guinea, the Maasina people, the Fulani of Nigeria, and the the Adamawa highlands...[Read more]

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Hair Care – Seminar/Workshop


Natural Hair Care and Styling Workshop. Hands on Training and Seminar. Turn short, dry, breaking, damages and thinning hair into loveable, soft, long and strong hair. Objectives How to go from relaxed to natural hair without cutting your hair Find the best products for your hair type How to keep your hair hydrated for growth What your stylist must never do to your hair How to grow your kids’ hair healthy and long How to cleanse, comb and style your kids’ hair How to properly moisturize your hair and keep it so Get back your thinning and broken hair line Grow 6 – 10 inches of...[Read more]

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