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Why Water is a natural girl’s best friend forever


              When you first go natural, water becomes your BFF. Water and natural hair share a bond that can never be destroyed. Forget whatever negativity you’ve been handed down about water  in the distant past, it our best friend, period. This is why: Water cleanses, moisturizes, hydrates and softens natural hair making it easier to detangle, style or do a lot of things with your hair. Water is to natural hair what food is to the body. You may not eat all the time, but your body needs to occasionally take up some good dose of food to...[Read more]

4 Do’s for thick, coarse and dense natural hair


Natural hair like so many other things comes in different textures and dimensions and so when you have thick, coarse and dense natural hair you know you might have to spend more time being careful with your strands detangling and styling. The most important thing you can do for yourself if you have a lot of hair on your head is to realize the true nature of your hair and employ best practices when handling your hair. These are some things you can do to make your hair care routine work for you. 1.  Be extra careful when detangling your thick mane to prevent breakages 2. Use heavy sealants...[Read more]

3 Easy Tips to Grow and Maintain your natural hair length


F or years you have treated your hair the same way and expect to get better results. You wash it once in a blue moon, you sleep on it bare, you hate to trim so you don’t lose the length you’ve achieved or you barely spend the time to give your hair some tender loving care. So when you’re made to believe that our hair cannot grow past a certain length, you believe it. It seems so true but all you’ve done is manipulate your hair into stuntedness. So to make them liars you extend it with braids or you add a wig or you even process it. The real truth is that many naturals have...[Read more]

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