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Rachel’s Natural Hair Journey-Natural is who we are.


  Tell us a bit about yourself My name is Rachel Okoegwale.  I am from Edo state, Nigeria.  I am a wife, mum and Enterpreneur.  An  Accountant turned Professional Baker and have been running my own Cake outfit for 8 years now (  And of course I am a NATURALISTA.   Why and how did you go natural (Big Chop, Transition)? My hair is just about 18month post BC.  It’s quite a funny story.  I had been planning to go on natural dreadlocs but oneeday I ran into a woman in a store with baby locs and it was just scanty and unkept and I was just put off. Then...[Read more]

7 Rules to enjoying your natural hair journey

natural hair journey rules

So natural hair is now being accepted by Nigerians as something we all can rock (yeah) but truth is it does come with a bit of challenge. Not every natural thinks so but circumstances differ. This Natural Hair Journey has challenges that arise from how to style, buy the right products to generally just how to manage your delicate strands. This can often leave some ladies with the feeling of “this natural hair is wahala” (dismay). Maybe you just did a big chop or still transitioning and now others are flaunting their bra strap, waist length hair (especially those of us that were...[Read more]

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