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When you first go natural, water becomes your BFF. Water and natural hair share a bond that can never be destroyed.

Forget whatever negativity you’ve been handed down about water  in the distant past, it our best friend, period. This is why:

Water cleanses, moisturizes, hydrates and softens natural hair making it easier to detangle, style or do a lot of things with your hair.

Water is to natural hair what food is to the body. You may not eat all the time, but your body needs to occasionally take up some good dose of food to survive. The more exposure your hair has to water, the better is it’s chances of thriving.

It does not make the hair grow out from your scalp but we know it greatly impacts on the health of natural hair thereby making length retention achievable.

Without adequate moisture or hydration from water your strands, your hair will be dull, dry and lifeless which will lead to breakages, and even shedding.

How do you get water to your hair strands?

Water is introduced to your hair when you cleanse, condition and style.  The best styling products are the ones that have water within the first two ingredients and you know that the more water is contained in the product, the more hydrating the experience will be for your mane.

One upon a myth water was given a bad reputation as being a deterrent to hair growth the more it came in contact with our hair but that myth has been debunked. Awesome!

So how do you keep your relationship with your bestie (Water) constant?

More frequent cleanses

girl with shampooed natural hair

You can do this by cleansing hair at least once a week. Do not be afraid to even cleanse your hair with water more frequently than once a week because water hydrates the hair and that is what your hair needs.

You do not need to always use a shampoo.  A conditioner will do in between washes. Also just washing your hair with water within the week will go a long way to refreshing your curls.

Frequent refreshing with water or a water based spritz


Some of us naturals are so on the go so simply wetting the hair at least 2 – three times within the week and scrunching your curls back to life will go a long way. More so if you are twa. You can hydrate the hair under the shower daily. I did this when I big chopped the second time and it did a whole lot of good for my hair.

Give your hair the water it requires and you will see healthy hair that is thriving. No two heads of hair are the same and so our moisture needs differ.  Your hair might require more moisturizing than another so the approach might differ.

Drink more water


You should also realize that your intake of water will greatly affect the overall well being of your body thereby affecting the performance of your hair.

It is often recommended to take in 8 – 10 litres of water daily. Water is more healthy than a soda or any other kinds of drinks. Plain, clean water without any additives.

Of course you don’t have to do this in one seating but throughout the day.

Water hydrates the body and so this affects the total performances of the cells in the body. Why don’t you try a one month daily water intake challenge of about 6-8 glasses or water daily.

Hair that is properly moisturized looks healthy, none of your curls or coils is compromised and the result will be popping curls, or healthy, shiny hair.

Apply product to soaking wet or damp hair

Products applied to a well hydrated hair absorb better reducing build up on the hair strands.

Water is beneficial to all texture, it reduces tangles, which in turn reduces SSKs(Single Strand Knots) and breakages.

Water only steam conditioning

Sometimes you can steam your hair with just water. When hair is in need of some added moisture, just spray a little water on the hair, cover it with a conditioning cap and seat under your steamer. You will be left with plump curls.

Keep moisture close by loc-ing it in


Properly seal in the moisture every time you moisturise, better still make moiturizing a daily event and your hair will be better for it.

Water ensures that products seat better on the hair because it helps product absorb into the strands.

Whatever you do remember to always lock in that moisture using either the LOC, (Liquid, Oil, Creme or  LCO (liquid, Creme Oil) methods of layering sealants or whatever method that best works for your hair.

So wherever you go always take your water along – on your hair, in your water bottle, refresher bottle and who knows wherever else.

I hope this article was informative and helped. Do you have any questions or contributions. Please don’t go without leaving them in the comments section below.


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